Exclusive Liquidation: Equipment From A Major Pharma Pilot Plant


Liquidation of the finest, late-model Pilot Plant Equipment to hit the market in years! Removed from a Major Pharma Pilot Plant.

Contact Adam Covitt for more details:: 216.536.0312 | adam@fedequip.com

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Highlights Include:
  • Two (2) Fette 1200i Tablet Presses
  • Two (2) Thermo Scientific Twin Screw Hot Melt Extruders
  • Two (2) Alexanderwerk WP 120 Roller Compactors
  • Glatt GPCG 2 Fluid Bed Dryer – top spray and wurster
  • Fitzpatrick IR 520 Roller Compactor
  • GEA Niro Mobile Minor 2000 Spray Dryer
  • Becomix 60 Liter Homogenizer
  • Fette 102i Pilot Tablet Press
  • Two (2) Riva Piccola Tablet Presses, including a Bi-layer
  • Two (2) Korsch XL 100 Tablet Presses, including one in an Isolator
  • GEA Niro Pharmaconnect High Shear Granulator with multiple bowls
  • Four (4) Key KG 5 High Shear Granulators
  • Capsugel Xcelodose 600 Capsule Filler
  • Two (2) MG2 Futura Capsule Fillers with multiple formats
  • Two (2) Quadro 197 Comils
  • Two (2) Vector LDCS 3 Coating Pans
  • O’Hara LC1 Lab Coating Pan
  • Vector Mini TF Roller Compactor
  • Netzsch LMZ-2 Sanitary Media Mill
  • Huge Selection of Scales, Hardness Testers, Friability Testers, Water Baths, Chillers, and additional support equipment

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