Seven Trends Impacting Chemical Process Development


While greater efficiency and productivity will always be goals in manufacturing, there is currently increased demand to optimize processes in chemical manufacturing. A general lack of growth in the industry –– with the rare exception of certain specialty areas and new materials –– is forcing manufacturers to look beyond volume to drive growth. Manufacturers looking to increase efficiency and...

Finding the Balance Between Cost and Innovation: Equipping a Flexible Facility with the Right Partner


As the industry becomes more diversified and the demand for parenteral drugs rises, there has been a shift in the way facilities are structured. The industry has begun to lean toward wider adoption of multi-product or flexible facilities in an effort to maximize production and prove to customers that any request can be fulfilled by a singular company that is not bound to traditional methods of...

Preparing for a Transition from Batch to Continuous Processing


Major shifts are approaching or are already underway across pharmaceutical manufacturing strategies, reflecting a range of driving forces. Emerging technologies are ushering in a future where the old model of the blockbuster drug is outdated, replaced instead with a panoply of customized, small-volume drugs specifically targeted to a small patient population (or even an individual patient) on the...

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