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Chief Operating Officer & Counsel, Federal Equipment Company Matt Hicks, Chief Operating Officer at Federal Equipment Company, is a pharmaceutical industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience helping companies get the most value and utility out of their manufacturing and process equipment assets.

Your Project Is Cancelled: What Do You Do With All That Equipment You Just Ordered?


View As PDF >> Drug development from compound screening through commercial launch for pharmaceutical companies involves long lead times, highly complex and inflexible capital equipment, and high failure rates.1 Project owners make decisions with high uncertainty for the product’s market potential as well as uncertain and complex technologies. Late-stage clinical trial failures...

Federal Equipment Company – Covid-19 Preparedness


Until recently, the business buzzword, “disruption” has been more often associated with challenging an established industry standard with a new technology or innovation.1 This definition of disruption considers bold technology moves and new business models that lead to dramatic changes within the impacted industry. However, Webster’s defines disruption as “a break or interruption in the normal...

Equipment Sourcing Strategies To Reduce Risk For Specialty And Custom Chemical Toll And Contract Manufacturers


VIEW THIS ARTICLE AS A PDF >> There are many reasons that a product-owner elects to outsource product manufacturing to a toll or contract manufacturer: Cost effective: New specialty and custom chemical production facilities and equipment are expensive to build, operate and maintain. A low margin or low volume product may not support the capital investment in new facilities or new equipment...

Sourcing Cost Effective, Quality Used Equipment for Cannabis Manufacturing and Packaging


  No one can deny that the cannabis industry is one to watch. With an estimated sales potential expected to increase from $17.1 billion in North America to $47.3 billion by 2024, the cannabis industry is poised to boom. The District of Columbia and 11 states have legalized recreational use of marijuana: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon...

Blender Selection And Sizing For Powders


By Adam Covitt, Vice President, Federal Equipment Company The goal of powder blending is a homogeneous, or uniform, consistent mix of materials. The key to selecting a blender that will blend powders together into uniform mixes, also called “bulk solids,” are the material’s flow characteristics. Free-flowing powders are more likely to blend well together, but not all powders are...

New for 2018: Capsule Filling Equipment and Expanded Training Center


Federal Equipment Company is in the News! Press Release Federal Equipment Company adds new equipment, expands classroom capacity, and welcomes a new class for “The Manufacturing Process” by Techceuticals, LLC “The Manufacturing Process” is a comprehensive solid dose training course offering practical information on how tablets and capsules are made. Participants will be...

New Inventory: GEA PMA-Advanced 600 High Shear Granulator


New to Federal Equipment Company’s inventory – GEA’s PMA-Advanced(TM) 600 High Shear Granulator. This unused high shear mixer/granulator built in 2015 features some of the latest granulation innovations from GEA including: 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces 240-450 liter working capacity 36kw main impeller: 1-170 rpm 11kw chopper: 100-3000 rpm 16 bar shock rating full...

DEA Regulations for Tablet Press and Capsule Filler Sales


New DEA Regulations Released New DEA regulations governing the sale of tablet presses and capsule fillers will take effect March 31, 2017 (updated from January 30, 2017). In accordance with Executive Order 13563, the Drug Enforcement Administration reviewed its import and export regulations as well as reporting requirements for domestic transactions in, among other things, tableting machines...

Recycling Trends and Events 2017


Ted Davis from Federal Equipment Company talks about trends in paper and plastics recycling for American Recycler News. Federal Equipment Company has an array used plastics recycling equipment available: Sorters Shredders Granulators Spin Dryers Pelletizing Lines Meet with Federal Equipment Company to discuss your plastics recycling equipment needs at the upcoming Plastics Recycling Conference in...

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