Pharmaceutical Assets from Defender Pharmaceuticals


Don’t miss our newest auction from Federal Equipment Company featuring pharmaceutical assets from Defender Pharmaceuticals.  The auction takes place on November 27-30, 2023.


Sale Information:
    • Location: San Diego, CA
    • Sale Held In Conjunction With: Heritage Global Partners & Proxio Group
    • Bid Online: November 27-30, 2023
    • Preview: By Appointment Only
    • Sale Conducted In: $USD / 19% Buyers Premium
    • Contact: Jim Coyne –
    • +1 216-472-1897

Featured Assets Include:

  • 2020 Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
  • Thermo Scientific Gas Chromatograph model Trace 1310
  • Waters Dual E2695 HPLC System with computer
  • Zeiss Microscope model Telaval 3
  • Case Automation Three Lane Conveyor
  • Thermo Fisher FTIR Spectrometer model Nicolet IS5 with ID5 ATR attachment
  • 2022 Agilent Cary 60 UV-Vis SpectroPhotometer with computer
  • Darwin Environmental Chamber Double door, stainless steel
  • Cole Palmer Mini C02 Incubator
  • Mettler Toledo Volumetric Titrator with solvent manager, model V20
  • Fisher Scientific Water Bath model 2LS-M
  • Thermo-Scientific PH Meters
  • Lab Furniture, tables
  • Stirrer plates and titrators
  • Hoods, cabinets, and carts
  • & More!

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