GREAT OPPORTUNITY: Pamasol Aerosol Foam Filling Line

2620-1-01Pamasol Aerosol Foam Filling Line
Item # 2620-1


Product includes:

  • Accumulation Table
  • Pamasol Cleaner and Printer
  • Groninger filler with weight check typ DFK 12001
  • Pamasol Bottle Loader
  • Pamasol filler (propellant filler is in outside XP room)
  • OCS Checkweigher
  • Pamasol Waterbath and leak detection
  • Pamasol Button Insertor
  • Pamasol Overcap (dust cap) insertor
  • Capmatic Pharmastar Labeler
  • 2620-1-05All manuals, drawings and documentation is available with the line

Sold as is. Buyer is responsible for all removal costs. A millwright, approved to work onsite and with required insurance, must be used

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