For Sale: Calcining/Chemical Plant, Ottawa, IL


Federal Equipment Company and Holland Industrial Group are pleased to announce a calcining/chemical plant for sale – 52,000 sq. ft. on 17 acres. The site was developed as a processing facility for titanium powder production and was operated from 2010-2019. A $200M investment was made to build this plant in 2010.

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Bidding Process:

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  • Bids for the complete facility are due by Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

Company Background:

As a vertically integrated producer of titanium dioxide and inorganic chemicals, Cristal Metals (Tronox) mines and processes titanium ore, zircon and other materials and manufactures titanium dioxide pigment, specialty-grade titanium dioxide products, and high-purity titanium chemicals. These products add brightness and durability to paints, plastics, paper and other everyday products.

Project Summary:

  • This site in Ottawa, Illinois was developed as a processing facility for titanium powder production and was operated from 2010- 2019.
  • A $200M investment was made to build the facility in 2010.
  • The site is perfect for its existing function as a calcining and drying operation.
  • The facility can also be used across multiple chemical processes.
  • Includes calciners, rotary tray dryers, liquid slurry, and filtering.
  • Plant designed to produce 4M lbs./year (1,814 tons/year) of Titanium Dioxide.
  • CSX rail spurs branch into two (2) buildings.
  • Plant located 72 miles from Chicago-Midway airport.

Major Assets:

  • (1) Heyl & Patterson 96” diameter calciner, Inconel 600 shell, 1540°F, electrically heated, 53’ long hot zone, 66’6” overall shell length, 2993 kW rating, inert atmosphere rated, built 2010.
  • (2) Heyl & Patterson 66” diameter calciners, 316L stainless steel shell, 1540°F, electrically heated, 68’ long hot zone, 83’ overall shell length, 208 kW rating, inert atmosphere rated, built 2010.
  • (2) Wyssmont rotary tray dryers, model OE-32, stainless steel product contact surfaces, (32) 96” diameter trays, with Wyssmont Rotoscoop feeder, 1 HP tray drive, 3 HP turbo fan drive,
  • 15 HP blower, built 2009.
  • (2) Komline Sanderson horizontal vacuum belt filters, model 1.25Mx9.75M HVF, 11.25 sq. meter surface area, 1.25 meters wide x 9.75 meters long, with 125 HP liquid ring vacuum pump system with (3) filtrate tanks with pumps.
  • (2) 42” Fundabac candle filters, Duplex 2205 construction, model R-021.8-42-2000/T13OZ.
  • (1) 57’ high Kock-Glitsch column, 316H stainless steel construction, rated 3 psi and full vacuum at 1430°F.
  • (2) 250 HP Sullair air compressors, model TS20-250H, 1132 ACFM.
  • (1) 400 kW Cummins emergency generator, model 450 GFGA, natural gas fired.
  • (1) Airtek regenerative air dryer, model TWB-2600.
  • (1) 8’ Kleenair retort furnace, 450 kW.
  • (1) 195 Ton Edwards chiller, air cooled, model CE-210-A- 14ZB3.
  • (1) 60 Ton Edwards chiller, air cooled, model CE-75-A- 5ZB3.
  • (1) 585 kW Budzar oil heater, model 2OT-585280/0140- GOMSP, 2 zone.
  • (1) 514 kW Budzar oil heater, model 1OT-514350-GOL-SP, 1 zone.
  • (2) 5005 cu ft Columbian TecTank silos, stainless steel.
  • (1) 500 cu ft Columbian TecTank silo, stainless steel.
  • (1) 27,000 gallon Addison Fabricators horizontal receiver tank, 304 stainless steel, rated 75 psi at 400°F.
  • (2) Taylor Products drum filling stations, model TEVB-2
  • Lab equipment consisting of Cetac auto sampler, Thermo iCAP6000 spectrometer, VWR oven, Mehtrohm titrator, (2) LECO Determinators, fume hood and casework.


  • Site visits and inspections available by appointment only.
  • This 17-acre (12 acres developed) site is in the Ottawa Industrial Park located on US Route 6 east of the municipality of Ottawa, Illinois.
    • Interstate 80 is 2.5 miles north of the site via US route 6 and Illinois route 71.
    • Chicago-Midway airport is 72 miles northeast of the site.
    • Chicago-O’Hare airport is 82 miles northeast of the site.

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