We’re Attending – 2022 IAA Conference


We will be attending the Industrial Auctioneers Association (IAA) Conference at the Viceroy Resort in Cabo, Mexico from November 17-20, 2022.

Industrial equipment auctions and liquidations are effective ways for companies to manage their facilities, fixed asset inventory, and cash flow. Many companies offer auction and liquidation services. Selection of the right auctioneer or liquidator for your manufacturing plant’s needs can be a challenge as used equipment sales are not part of most manufacturing companies’ business operations. But companies need to sell surplus equipment for a wide variety of reasons.

Idle equipment builds up in “bone-yards” or other storage facilities and needs to be liquidated. This idle equipment takes up space and costs money. The space used for the storage is often subject to monthly rental charges. Equipment storage inside an operational facility is often in the way of other, more valuable assets. Product changes require facility changes. New products require different processing equipment and the current equipment must be removed to make way for new production capabilities. Managing surplus and idle equipment is part of general facility management and planning. Site closures and site transfers or sales can leave surplus equipment where the building owner, or new building owner, has no use for the existing equipment. Turnaround situations or other financial distress (such as bankruptcy) can also lead to requirements for equipment liquidations or auctions to generate cash from unused fixed assets.

Not every auctioneer can handle industrial equipment effectively especially when that equipment is used in specialized facilities and industries such as pharmaceuticals or specialty chemicals. Industrial auctioneers have learned how to manage these industrial projects including selection of contractors for removal and loading of the equipment after it has been sold. Federal Equipment Company has built decades of history buying and selling used process and packaging equipment. We have specialized knowledge of processing and packaging equipment in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage, supplements, and ingredients. We are able to determine the best way to liquidate your equipment. Our knowledge of these industries allows us to estimate equipment values and compare those values to removal costs. We market our inventory and auctions to targeted, end-user buyers and deliver the best return on the auction and liquidation project.

We work with a wide variety of industrial equipment auctioneers and service providers to provide the best possible marketplace for your surplus assets.

We are proud to sponsor the Industrial Auctioneers Association (IAA) Conference. We look forward to the opportunity to work on your industrial equipment liquidation and auction projects around the world.



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