Pharma Lab, Process, Packaging and Botanicals Equipment


Our latest auction from Proxio Group and Federal Equipment features pharma lab, process, packaging and botanicals equipment. The auction runs from May 6-May 9, 2024.


Sale Information:

  • Location: Cleveland OH, Tarrytown NY, Windsor ON
  • Sale Held In Conjunction With: Proxio Group
  • Bid Online: May 6-May 9, 2024
  • Preview: By Appointment Only
  • Sale Conducted In: $USD / 18% Buyers Premium
  • Contact: Howie Dascal
  • +1 514-262-7727

Featured Assets Include: 

  • Buchi glass encapsulator, model B-395 Pro
  • Microfluidics Microfluidizer, model M-110P
  • Labconco Freezone 2.5 freeze dryer
  • Zeiss Stereo Microscope, with Axiocam 105 color
  • Buchi Spray Dryer, model B-191
  • JDA Packaging Equipment Labeler Model WLA2
  • Pillar Technologies Induction Sealer Model C2UU9AOO
  • Unused Decimal Engineered Systems / MRX Xtractors Co2 extraction unit, model 100.C
  • Savage Bros mixing tank, Copper tank, sweep agitator, model 1803 mixer
  • Gummy Depositing Machine, set up for six and eight head filling
  • ULT Freezers
  • Cabinets and Lab Furniture
  • Benchtop Lab Equipment
  • & More!

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