Medical & Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment from MedComp Sciences


Our latest Federal Equipment auction features medical and diagnostic laboratory equipment from MedComp Sciences. The auction takes place on April 30-May 2, 2024.


Sale Information:

  • Location: Cleveland, OH
  • Sale Held In Conjunction With: Proxio Group
  • Bid Online: April 30-May 2, 2024
  • Preview: By Appointment Only
  • Sale Conducted In: $USD / 15% Buyers Premium
  • Contact: Jim Coyne
  • +1 216-472-1897

Featured Assets Include: 

  • AB Sciex Mass Spectrometer System
  • Sysmex Automated Hematology Analyzer, model XN-10
  •  Shimadzu UFLC systems featuring Degasser
  • Shimadzu HPLC System
  • Applied Bio System Real-Time PCR System, model QuantStudio 12K Flex
  • 2019 Applied Bio Systems dual PCR System, models Quantstudio
  • Eppendorf Centrifuge , Model 5810, 5430/R
  • Hettich HettCube 400 Incubator
  • Airclean 600 PCR Workstation, AC648LFUVC
  • Beckman Coulter Chemistry Analyzer, model AU680
  • Beckman Coulter Access Immunoassay System, model Unicel DxI 600
  • Biomerieux Vitek 2 Identification System
  • 2020 Nucleic Acid Purification System, model Auto-Pure96
  • Thermo Scientific -80 degree freezer, model TDX40086A
  • 2020 Thermo Scientific King Fisher Extraction System, model Purification Automate
  • Eppendorf Epmotion 5073 & 5075 Liquid Handlers, with PC
  • Laser and Inkjet Printers
  • Metal Lab Cabinets
  • Lab Benches
  • & More!

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