Former Assets of Perth Soap

Our latest auction from Proxio Group and Federal Equipment features former assets of Perth Soap, including liquid packaging lines, bar soap and production assets, packaging, lab, and maintenance items & more. The auction ends on April 25th, 2024.
Sale Information:
  • Location: Perth, Ontario
  • Sale Held In Conjunction With: Proxio Group and Federal Equipment Company
  • Bid Online: April 25th, 2024
  • Preview: By Appointment Only
  • Sale Conducted In: $USD / 18% Buyers Premium
  • Contact: Howard Dascal
  • + 514.262.7727
Featured Assets Include: 
  • Multiple Mazzoni Soap Production Lines
  • Mazzoni Soap Cutter
  • Mazzoni Soap Cutting Machine
  • Mazzoni “STUR” Soap Press
  • Mazzoni Soap Press/Stamper
  • Mazzoni Soap Amalgamator/Ribbon Blender
  • Mazzoni Duplex Soap Plodder
  • Thermo Scientific Metal Detectors
  • Bradman Lake Robotic Pick & Place Cartoner
  • Binacchi Soap Cutting Machine
  • A&M Process Amalgamator/Ribbon Blender
  • Thermo Electron (Goring-Kerr) Metal Detector
  • APV Packaging Automatic Horizontal Cartoner
  • Soap Wrapping Equipment
  • Kaps-All Capper Model B-A2
  • Kaps-All Capper Model A6
  • 10-Nozzle Fills-All Volumetric Liquid Filler
  • Graham Steam Sleeve Shrink Heat Tunnel
  • Rigao Machinery Fully Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine
  • ELF Electronic Liquid Filling Machine
  • MRO and Machine Parts
  • Lab Equipment
  • & More!

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